Friday, February 10, 2006

Militants threaten violence over Prophet cartoons

Alright this is now officially not news anymore. We all know the deal. Muslims are upset cause Denmark made fun of Muhammed in the funny pages. Got it. Let's move on shall we.

A Palestinian militant group threatened on Friday to "burn the ground" beneath nations that continue to publish cartoons satirising the Prophet Mohammad, saying apologies from governments were not enough.

Yeah, yeah, whatever. I think you're greatly overestimating your own power there Palestine. You can't even vote without killing each other. You think you can 'burn the ground' of every western nation on the planet? Why don't you guys just draw some offensive cartoons about Jesus and Moses and we can call it equal and move on with our lives?

"So far we have demanded an apology from the governments," Khader Habib, a leader of the Palestinian group, told thousands of supporters after Friday prayers in Gaza city.
"But if they continue their assault on our dear Prophet Mohammad, we will burn the ground underneath their feet."

What exactly does that mean? You're going to light the floors on fire? You know, one of these days the world is going to get fed up with all this Muslim aggression and threats and insane behavior and is going to act. You're headed down a very bumpy road. At first it was Muslim fanatics verse Israel and America but now you're throwing in Britian, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Denmark and other nations that aren't as important. You keep threatening every nation on the planet and soon, in the name of self-defense of course, they are going to bomb the fucking shit out of you, to put it gently. Fair warning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK! that's it...lets start shooting these people or get them jobs.

February 10, 2006 8:40 AM  

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