Friday, February 10, 2006

Islamic holy day attacks kill 35

Nothing like ringing in the holiday season with a few murders. We celebrate our God by sending random people to meet him.

Sunni and Shia Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan fought Thursday on the Islamic holiday of Ashura, leaving at least 35 people dead. But such violence was avoided in Iraq, where attacks during Ashura have killed hundreds in the past two years.

Well they just took a break for the holiday. They kill each other in Iraq everyday. Got to do something different on the holiday. Could you imagine if Catholics and Christians did the same thing? Oh man, I would want front row seats to that. My God's better than your God which is the same God basically but we worship him in a slightly different way so you have to DIE! Crazy, crazy people. Happy Ashura everyone...BAMM!

Ashura commemorates the death of Hussain, a grandson of the prophet Muhammad who was killed by rival Muslims and who is particularly revered by members of the Shia sect. In countries where Shia-Sunni rivalries are sharp, -- including Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia -- the holiday often brings tension or violence.

So in order to observe the death of the grandson of your prophet at the hands of other Muslims you kill each other? Some things never change I guess.


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