Thursday, February 09, 2006

America won't attack us, says Iran

At this point I'm asking myself "Why does Iran want to be attacked?" cause I think we all know that's what they're gunning for. What is their reasoning for provoking an attack from western countries?

An Iranian vice president said he did not believe that the US would attack his country over its nuclear programme and compared defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld to a vampire showing its teeth.

You know, vampires usually show their teeth right before they sink their fangs into the artery in your neck. I'm just saying maybe that's a bad sign.
Personally, I think you're right. I don't think America is going to attack you. I think either Britain, France or Israel is going to do it. Hell, maybe all three of them. And don't forget Turkey too. Their just as unhappy about this shit as everyone else.

It's sad that the Iranian government is so focused on taking on the world. You should ask the Germans how that pans out.

"Iran is not Iraq, Iran is not Afghanistan," Isfandiar Rahim Mashaee said during a visit to the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

No but it can be. Is that what you want? See what I think is going to happen is Iran is going to be attacked. Who's going to attack them? Hell if I know, the US government doesn't share that info with me. But when Iran does get attacked, they will demonize western culture and Britain, the US, Israel, France even though the diplomatic attempts at peace have been swatted down like Iran is playing King Kong.

"They still cannot leave those two countries, it is impossible for them to invade Iran."

In the immortal words of US President Bush Jr. " The worst thing they did was misunderestimate me." Yeah, yeah, he's a big dumb shit but it rings true if you look through the fact that it doesn't make much sense. Never underestimate the resolve of people who don't like you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well! this is a start. Lets start with this country and work our way around the region...they just don't understand what could happen once you unleash the dogs of the six day war, once people are pissed you stand to lose everything once they take over your's coming,
goodnight Iran you're on your own.

February 09, 2006 9:09 AM  

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