Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Woman Put Grandson In Dog Crate

The dog got the bed.

A Washington County woman is accused of locking her 10-year-old grandson in a feces-filled dog crate for about 90 minutes.

That's a long time to be in time-out.

Police said 51-year-old Rhonda Lehman, of Washington, put the boy in the crate Saturday because the boy laced the family's drinks with lamp oil and household cleaner called "Bam."

Whoa, so how are you supposed to punish a child for attempting to kill the family? She would have been arrested for beating the shit out of him too. Somehow sending him to bed without dinner just doesn't fit the crime here. You have to get inventive when a child attempts homicide.

Lehman has custody of the boy, who told police he did it because "he was angry because he didn't get to go on a trip" last year, said Washington police Officer James Markley. It is possible the boy had been spiking the drinks for a while, authorities said. Family members became sick, but were not hospitalized.

If my daughter spiked my drink with household cleaners she would be lucky to only wind up in a dog crate for an hour and a half.

Police said Lehman also told a county agency if someone didn't come for the boy, she would bury him alive in the back yard.

Nope, now that is just crazy.

Lehman was charged with child endangerment and making terroristic threats.

Where's the "people endangerment" charge for the little shit though. I'm not condoning the actions of the grandmother but in this day and age, with the taboo-ness of physically disciplining your children, how are you suppose to respond when a young child does something of this magnitude? Think about it. This child has lost any sense of other people's well-being. Because of a spoiled little attitude regarding a missed trip, he has decided to put people's lives in danger. What if the household cleaner was Drain-O? What if it was highly toxic? How do you discipline? I'm sorry all you out there that don't agree with spanking but I believe in the idea of making a child associate certain actions with the dishing out of pain. It's how most in the animal kingdom learn and sometimes, it's a matter of life and death. I'd rather send my daughter to her room with a sore bottom than check into the hospital because my insides are being eaten away by bleach.

The boy's 24-year-old brother, Michael McCreery, is charged with punching the youngster. "When I asked the brother, I said, 'Why would you punch a 10-year-old in the eye?' he said, 'It's better than what I wanted to do to him,"' Markley said.

Damn right.

Markley said the defendants told authorities they don't believe they did anything wrong. "They were very calm, like this was nothing," Markley sai

He tried to poison the family. Don't think for a second a ten-year old doesn't understand what he was doing. He knows. He may not be able to grasp the concept of life and death just yet but that wouldn't make his family any less deader.

The 10-year-old is now in the county's Children and Youth Services, which is treating him for mental health issues, authorities said.

And another wonderful American family makes the newspapers. I'm going to go hug my daughter...and make myself a drink.


Blogger Kari said...

Heaven forbid we warp a child's ego by telling him no or using corporal punishment. I couldn't believe this when I read it in the news yesterday.

And our society wonders why people like Britney Spears is having the problems she is. This is why the young people today can't understand why they can't always get their way.

January 31, 2008 6:32 PM  
Blogger A Mad Man said...

I completely agree with you Kari. It's important to set boundaries and to implement discipline into a child's life at an early age. It's been my experience that the early on your introduce these things, the less likely a child is to cross them. In my experience, the parents who have the most trouble are the ones that try to be their child's "friend". While this may seem like the ideal setup, in actuality it's harmful. Your ten year old doesn't need a friend, they need a parent, there's plently of time for friendship when the child becomes an adult. Parenting, like anything else, is an ever-changing role. In the child's young years, you are the authority, the parent. In teens, you are the advisor because they will not accept authority from you at that age, that's their job at that point, to pull away. The payoff is when they become an adult, you become friends. It's a beautiful process if you can handle it. Of course, you may always get a kid that's just batshit crazy. In those cases I guess a dog crate becomes handy. :)

January 31, 2008 8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Com'on didn't we all wish at some point, that we could put our children in a crate, just for a short when we're trying to eat a peaceful dinner!

February 01, 2008 2:04 PM  

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