Monday, January 21, 2008

MLK Day classes in Randolph draw fire

Apparently Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of kids not having to go to school for a day on his account was never recognized in Randolph, New Jersey.

David Johnson said he first heard that Randolph schools were going to be open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day when his 14-year-old son mentioned something about it at the end of the Christmas break.

"It's bullshit Dad! I was going to celebrate his life by playing XBox!"

"Are you sure?" Johnson responded.

A 14-year old knows his school schedule better than anything else. He's got the whole year planned out around his days off.

He checked the school Web site and found a memo saying the school board voted on Dec. 19 to make a change to the calendar. Schools would be kept open on Martin Luther King Day as a "precaution" because the district might need more than the two snow days it scheduled for the school year.

Cue the racism claims in 3,2...

Johnson said he was surprised and upset -- even though school officials say the change was made because of an unusual situation and that students will spend Monday learning about Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement.

"I don't want my son learning about Martin Luther King on Martin Luther King day, I want him to clean his fucking room!"

Johnson suggested that predominantly white communities sometimes lack sensitivity to issues that are important to African-Americans.

Well when are they supposed to learn about the issues that are important to the Afrian-American communities if they don't go to fucking school. There are better ways to celebrate a great man then sleeping late.

Randolph will be the only district open in Morris County on Monday -- and one of about two dozen in the state. Most schools that will be open are in Bergen County. Proponents of schools staying closed on the holiday previously announced that Morris County was expected to have all of its schools closed this year for the first time.

I've had many jobs that were not closed for Martin Luther King day. I have many African-American friends that don't "celebrate" the holiday. They don't get together with their families to discuss the importance of Martin Luther King's ideas and struggles. It's not a holiday in the traditional sense of a holiday. It's a day in honor of a great man who did great things and I can't think of a better way to honor him than to learn about who he was, what he did and why he did it. Perhaps a full day of learning about who he was and what he did is exactly what he wanted. He had an idea, a great idea and a great "dream" that should be known and studied and taught till it sinks in. How many of you who have today off are spending it recognizing him in some way? You're just watching television aren't you.

The fact that some schools remain open on Martin Luther King Day, a federal holiday since 1986 and state holiday since 1977, has led some of those proponents to revive suggestions of legislation mandating that all schools close on the holiday. In some places, a debate continues over the best way to honor King, with some educators preferring that students attend class and learn more about the man rather than simply taking off the day.

But, but, American's are lazy people.

Max Riley, Randolph's superintendent, said he believes that students should have the day off and said Randolph would return to closing on the holiday next year.

This is why America's youth are stupid. And you can argue with me that they're not but seriously, have you ever talked to a teenager? They are fucking morons. I was a moron when I was a teenager. I didn't get much better either so what hope do I have that anyone else will?

"The African-American community has made its feelings clear, and we ought to be guided by that." Riley said. "In order to accord Dr. King the honor he deserves, it ought to be a holiday."

Absolutely it should be a holiday. But perhaps we should re-evaluate how we spend it.

While Riley said complaints have not been widespread, he sent a letter to parents late last week clarifying the board's decision. It outlines some of the programs being planned -- including fifth-graders writing "I Have A Dream" speeches and high school students learning about civil rights and bullying. Students who don't show up for school on Monday will be counted as taking an excused absence, Riley said in the letter.

This will of course be completely shot down. Why? Cause it makes sense. Read up on Martin Luther King and honestly think about whether he would want kids, white and black children at that, learning together about civil rights and the struggles of the African-American communities on his holiday or if he would rather kids sat home. I think the answer is obvious. Go to fucking school and shut up. He had a dream he died for, least you could do is spend a day fucking learning about it.


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good one! Mad Man

well said

January 23, 2008 10:02 AM  
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Well said...not to mention that only 12 kids showed up for school that day :)

January 26, 2008 1:36 PM  

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