Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Sign of Hope January 20th 2008

Saudi, Syria cut number of fighters getting into Iraq: US

From AFP:

Syria and Saudi Arabia have reduced the flow of foreign insurgents crossing their borders to fight in Iraq, a US military spokesman said on Sunday.

"Syria and Saudi Arabia have taken a number of steps to reduce the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq," US military spokesman Rear Admiral Gregory Smith told a press conference in Baghdad.

"In early 2007, 110 foreigners were coming into Iraq from Syria every month. That is now reduced to 40 to 50."

Syria has introduced roadblocks and border patrols in a bid to crack down on fighters trying to cross into the war-ravaged country, while Saudi Arabia has tightened requirements for people applying for visas to Syria, Smith said.

The United States has in the past accused Arab countries neighbouring Iraq of failing to do enough to stem the flow of foreign fighters sneaking into the country, especially from Syria.


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