Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sources: Al Qaeda's No. 3 man killed

Being the #3 guy in al-qaeda sucks. They're like the black guys in the horror movies.

A senior al Qaeda terrorist who allegedly plotted and carried out attacks against U.S. and coalition forces was killed in Pakistan, a knowledgeable Western official and a military source told CNN Thursday.

Bye-bye then.

He was identified as Abu Laith al-Libi, 41, who was on the military's most wanted list.

Better get the red pen cause he's off the list now.

Al-Libi was thought to have been involved in the February 2007 bombing at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan while Vice President Dick Cheney was visiting.

One of these days it would be nice if it were bin Laden or Zawahiri on the other end of one of these missiles. We seem to be killing the al-qaeda equivilant of the fucking mail room guy over and over again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're fucked if you're #3...there must be a homing device on their asses

February 01, 2008 2:16 PM  

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