Monday, August 13, 2007

Fukuoka woman certified as world's oldest person dies

Her last words were "About time!"

Yone Minagawa, who had been certified by Britain's Guinness World Records as the world's oldest person at age 114 earlier this year, died of old age Monday evening, informed sources said.

Died of old age? You mean it wasn't a motorcycle accident? Not a mishap with powertools? Look at 114 they only things you're really capable of doing is wetting yourself and dying of old age. I'm not making fun of the woman. I just don't think human beings are really meant to live that long. Somewhere around 110 your life just isn't as action-packed as it used to be.

Minagawa, from Fukuchi town in Fukuoka Prefecture, became the world's oldest person on Jan. 28 this year after American women Emma Faust Tillman died that day at the age of 114. In May, Fukuchi town asked Guinness World Records through the Internet to award Minagawa a certificate.

One of those few records you can only achieve when someone else dies. Kind of kills the celebration don't it.


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