Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bomb Derailed Passenger Train in Russia, Officials Say

I guess bombs'll do that.

A bomb set along railroad tracks exploded and derailed a passenger train Monday night between Moscow and St. Petersburg, wounding scores of passengers and shutting down service on one of Russia’s busiest rail lines.

See what happens when you worry about things like claiming the Artic, accusing Georgia of using dead pigs as biological warefare and threatening the US over missile shields? You miss the things you should be paying attention to.

No one was killed, but at least six people were seriously wounded, and the authorities suggested that passengers had been spared in part by luck.

Anytime you survive a train derailment there's luck involved.

The bomb exploded as the train was traveling near a section of track that crosses a bridge 60 feet above a road, but the train cleared the bridge before it derailed, and the cars slid onto their sides without falling down the slope or onto the road below.

Still sounds pretty shitty.

At least 60 of the more than 230 people on board the train were wounded, the authorities said. One railway official said on national television that 90 people had been treated.

Strangely, they all developed the same exact ailment. They all just kept repeating the phrase "Holy shit...holy shit...holy shit..."


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