Thursday, June 07, 2007

Paris Hilton Leaves Jail Early for Home Lockup


After only three days behind bars, Paris Hilton traded a 12-by-8-foot cell for her 2,700-square-foot Hollywood Hills home when she was released early Thursday because of an unspecified medical condition.

Too sick for prison, that's a first. If anyone thinks for a second this isn't favortism for the rich and special privledged then you should be bashed in the face with heavy mining equipment. I wonder how many "poor" prisoners get to go home cause they don't feel well?

Hilton will be under home confinement, wearing an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet, for the remaining 40 days of her sentence for violating probation in a reckless driving case.

Not so bad when your house is bigger than most towns. This is bullshit. Why am I so mad at this? It's not because the spoiled bitch got her way AGAIN and it's not so much that it's definitive proof of the age-old idea that money can get you out of trouble. It's more that the powers that be have the fucking nerve to play it off like it's not. Like I'm going to believe for a fucking second that little Miss Hilton went home because of a medical issue and not because of the money in her parents pockets. Give us some credit assholes.

The celebrity inmate was sent home from the L.A. County jail's Lynwood lockup shortly after 2 a.m., a stunning reduction to a sentence that already had been cut from 45 to 23 days because of "good behavior." Another two days were lopped off the original 45 since she checked in late Sunday and left early Thursday, earning credit for five days served.

In light of these developments, I say cut the sentences of all parole violaters across our country in half. That'd be fair then right?

No details were available on the nature of Hilton's medical condition.

Extreme stupidity? Funny, she must have one of those medical conditions that doesn't effect staying out late and drinking, drugging, having sex on camera and driving intoxicated but seems to only manifest when she's in a situation where she's not happy.

The decision to release Hilton was made by Sheriff Lee Baca, according to the Probation Department. A deputy at the sheriff's information bureau said there would be no comment.

All I want to know is how much money he made in making that decision. The people of the US should rise up and throw Paris Hilton into a lake.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

words alone could not express how fucked up this is. Mad Man, I'll be on that line with you to throw that bony ass into what ever lake will keep her.

June 08, 2007 7:34 AM  

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