Monday, June 04, 2007

In Vermont, nascent secession movement gains traction

Really? Vermont wants to seceed? But where will all the skiers go?

At Riverwalk Records, the all-vinyl record store just down the street from the state Capitol, the black "US Out of Vt.!" T-shirts are among the hottest sellers.

That would be interesting. The US should grant Vermont sovereignty. Then, it can pull all funding. Everything that was built with State tax money goes. See how long that lasts.

But to some people in Vermont, the idea is bigger than a $20 novelty. They want Vermont to secede from the United States -- peacefully, of course.

That would be funny if it wasn't so fucking sad.

Disillusioned by what they call an empire about to fall, a small cadre of writers and academics is plotting political strategy and planting the seeds of separatism.

You'd think writers and academics would be smarter than to waste their fucking time with something so damn stupid.


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