Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Zealand Woman Dies After Power Is Cut

Some people are just THAT scared of the dark.

A 44-year-old woman who needed an electric oxygen pump to breathe died after an energy company cut the power to her home because of a $122 unpaid bill, her family claimed Wednesday.

While we all now that the power company people are living, breathing pieces of shit, my wonder is why no one paid the electric bill. I'll tell you this, if the electricity is the only thing keeping my wife or my mother alive, you'd best believe that check is in the fucking mail.

Police said they had launched an investigation into Folole Muliaga's death, which happened within two hours after state-owned company Mercury Energy cut power to her house Tuesday.

So apparently a human life is worth $122. It's cheaper in the middle east though.

Mercury Energy's general manager, James Moulder, said the company was devastated by the woman's death and was conducting its own investigation to determine what happened.

You cut the electricity that was keeping her alive, that's what happened. Why not investigate where that black hole you call a soul came from?

Muliaga, a schoolteacher with four children between the ages of 5 and 20, had been off work since February with an illness and had fallen behind in her payments to Mercury, said Brenden Sheehan, a relative who provided a copy of the bill.

Well it seems like it was a whole team of morons working together to make this happen. Electric company, disablity, family, friends, no one could come up with $122 to keep this woman alive huh? Wow people, congrats, you've sunk to a new low.

Brenden Sheehan, the woman's nephew in-law, said both Muliaga and her son told the technician she was dependent on the oxygen machine to stay alive and invited him into the house to see it.

"No, no, I can't look into the eyes of someone I'm about to kill."


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