Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Nancy Pelosi Rebuffs Criticism of Syria Visit

As much as I'd like to see some unity in the US government, I'm glad that someone finally went to Syria. It's become quite obvious that NOT talking to certain governments has harmed us in multiple ways. You can't just go fighting around the world and not hold dialogue. A person much more intelligent than I once said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Well, what better way to stab someone then when they're in the middle of a sentence, not expecting it. Hah!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi toured Damascus on Tuesday, the highest- ranking American politician to visit Syria since relations began to deteriorate four years ago. President Bush criticized the trip, saying it sends mixed signals to President Bashar Assad.

"Do they like me or not. First they won't talk to me, then they send the Speaker of the House. Oh man, I hope they like me. Maybe I should write them a note."

The United States accuses Syria of interfering in Iraq and Lebanon and sponsoring terrorists—charges Syria denies. The Bush administration has resisted calls to open direct talks with Damascus on resolving the countries' disputes.

I'm a fan of talking. Talking to an enemy has more gains than consequences. Know your enemy, talk to them, learn them, exploit that. There is no better way to conquer an enemy than to learn their weakness and use that against them. Or just shoot them. Unfortunately, you can't shoot a country. Or can you. I don't know, we have big missiles.

Pelosi, D-Calif., is scheduled to meet Assad and other Syrian officials on Wednesday. She made no comment on arrival and headed for the Old City of Damascus where she toured the 8th-century Omayyad Mosque.

Maybe some good will come of this. If not, hey, I hear the sights are quite beautiful in Syria.

Pelosi draped a scarf over her head as she entered the historic mosque and stopped at a tomb inside the mosque said to contain the head of St. John the Baptist. She made the sign of the cross in front of the tomb. About 10 percent of Syria's 18 million people are Christian.

Strike one!

In the nearby outdoor Bazouriyeh market, she chatted with Syrians, who offered her dates, in front of shops selling olive oil soaps, spices and herbs. At one point, she bought some coconut sweets and looked at Syrian carpets.

She's shopping. See, this is why you can't send a woman. She goes to talk politics and winds up blowing all her cash on pretty dresses. I hope my girlfriend doesn't read this.

In Washington, Bush said visits to Syria by u.S. officials were "counterproductive."

Yeah, and giving them the silent treatment has produced such wonderful outcomes.


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