Saturday, March 31, 2007

Today's Is an Important Day

At least, for yours truly. Today is my birthday. So, in light of the fact that I have survived another full year without causing much harm to myself, and also considering I've been celebrating my health and happiness by trying to destroy the health part in one night, no news today.

I'm sure tomorrow the 15 British soldiers will still be being held illegally in Iran, the war on Iraq will still be spinning out of control, Bin Laden and his cronies will still be sucking the same air I am and that's not fair and our planet will still be on a collision course with it's own impending doom. So today, I raise a glass to myself, smile and take a moment to remember those who won't be having birthdays this year. At least, the ones worth remembering. Here's to all you kind-hearted, sarcastic-cause-you-give-a-shit, intelligent people who would trade it all for a moment of peace, quiet and goodwill. May you find something to smile about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I raise my glass to you Mad Man...for another year of funny editorial writing and making me laugh, sometimes so loud, Tea comes shooting out of my nose.
Happy Birthday and many more

April 04, 2007 8:50 AM  

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