Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Children freed from bus in Manila

Just wait till you hear why they were being held.

A man who took a busload of children and teachers hostage from his day-care centre in the Philippine capital, Manila, today freed them after a 10-hour standoff that he used to denounce corruption and demand better lives for impoverished children.

That's right. To demand better lives for children, this lunatic took a busload of them hostage. You have to wonder what it is exactly that keeps theat 85% of the worlds population from being able to think things through properly.

Clutching dolls and backpacks, the children began filing off the bus shortly after 7pm (1100 GMT) - as Jun Ducat had promised in a rambling message delivered via a loudspeaker hours earlier.

There are better ways to get people's attention. Like...well...I really can't think of anything quite as "attention grabbing" as kidnapping a bus full of kids.

Mr Ducat, a 56-year-old civil engineer who has staged other attention-grabbing stunts in the past, then put the pin back in a grenade, handed it to a provincial governor and surrendered.

Just shoot him. Really. Shoot him. We're all better off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He wanted a better life for the children by killing them...blowing
them up with a grenade?...what a crazy bastard

March 30, 2007 6:36 AM  

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