Monday, March 26, 2007

Sweeping changes to global climate seen by 2100: study

Hold on, let me do the math...times two...carry the fourty two...yup, I'll be dead by then.

Many of the world's climate zones will vanish entirely by 2100, or be replaced by new, previously unseen ones, if global warming continues as expected, a study released Monday said.

Oh my God, what will my children do in their old age if they don't die early from one of the other many, many deadly problems on this planet.

Rising temperatures will force existing climate zones toward higher latitudes and higher elevations, squeezing out climates at the colder extremes, and leaving room for unfamiliar climes around the equator, the study predicted.

So, what, it's going to get hot? What are you trying to tell me here?

The sweeping climatic changes will likely affect huge swaths of land from the Indonesian rainforest to the Peruvian Andes, including many known hotspots of diversity, disrupting local ecological systems and populations.

So Hawaii won't be a popular tourist attractions anymore? Is that what this means? What the fuck are you saying?

"The warmest areas get warmer and move outside our current range of experience and the colder areas also get warmer and so those climates disappear," said Jack Williams, a professor of geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and author of the paper.

So it's going to get warmer. Okay, thank you. I'll be sure to be buried in shorts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really think we'll all be dead by 2100...the earth will be fine

March 30, 2007 6:31 AM  

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