Friday, March 23, 2007

British Forces Held By Iran

I assume this doesn't mean "hugged".

Iran says it took 15 British servicemen hostage at gunpoint because they had crossed into Iranian waters.

"That's our part of the ocean! Oh great! Now it smells like tea."

The eight Royal Navy sailors and seven Marines were seized by Iranian troops while carrying out a routine inspection in what the British say were Iraqi waters.

That's the problem with water. You can't put signs up.

According to reports on Iran state television, a British envoy was summoned to the foreign ministry in Tehran.

According to witnesses, the summoning process require two feathers from a crow, a lizard's eye, the tail of a cobra and the blood of a virgin.

An unnamed foreign ministry official was quoted as saying the 15 had been "detained by Iran's border authorities for further investigation... of the blatant aggression into Iranian territorial waters".

This probably won't end well for Iran. But then again, we all knew an unhappy ending was inevitable.


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