Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hamas and Fatah Agree on Unity Government

For all those Palestinians who live in poverty, and don't plan on blowing anything up, I sure hope this new unity government brings them some sort of peaceful existence. Call me skeptical however, cause in the past, it only takes one or two minutes for things to fall apart. One...two...

After many months of negotiations, broken by periods of fierce fighting, the rival Hamas and Fatah movements announced today they had agreed on a national unity government, which is expected to be ratified on Saturday.

Well it didn't even take a few seconds to start falling apart. It was falling apart while it was being put together.

The new government, still led by Prime Minister Ismail Haniya and dominated by Hamas, includes some moderate figures from Fatah and independent parties, including the finance minister, Salam Fayyad, and it was greeted with relief by ordinary Palestinians, who hope that it will be able to pay their salaries and put an end to internal warfare.

Ordinary Palestinians? How do the super-hero Palestinians feel about it?

But the political document guiding the new government does not explicitly fulfill the international community’s three demands — to recognize the right of Israel to exist, to forswear violence and to accept previous Israeli-Palestinian agreements.


Israel immediately announced that it would not deal with the new government or any of its ministers, including Mr. Fayyad, so long as the government as a whole does not meet the three demands. The United States is expected to follow Israel’s lead, but the European Union is expected to have a fierce internal debate about whether to continue its isolation of this new Palestinian government.

It's like Israel helped the US hide the dead body of a hooker a while back and we are forever indepted. Just once, one fucking time, I would love to hear someone tell Israel and Palestine that the US is just "staying out of this one."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they can't find their way out of a house...they're going to set up a unity government. What will they do if they're not killing each other...boy, they'll get bored with this truce fast.

March 15, 2007 2:15 PM  

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