Friday, March 09, 2007

Prison threat for pensioner who put sand back on beach

Isn't there better things we should be concerning ourselves with?

A pensioner has been threatened with prison or a £50,000 fine if he takes windblown sand back to the beach where it came from.

If Mother Nature wants her sand on your driveway, then damnit she'll have her sand on your driveway. Don't mess with the balance man.

Arthur Bulmer’s seafront garden became carpeted after a week of storms swept tons of sand from the beach across the road.

Putting sand back on the beach. Really, I mean, what are you thinking? Pyscho.

It seemed like common sense to shovel it into his wheelbarrow and take it back, load by load, to its rightful place.

Common sense has no place in this world of ours.

But the local council did not share Mr Bulmer's idea of logic. Doing that, they told him, would class as fly-tipping, for which the maximum penalty is a £50,000 fine or six months in jail. Oh, and he would also have his wheelbarrow confiscated.

A local council didn't share the publics view of logic. Well surprise, surprise. Oh, and I could deal with the 50,000 fine and the six months incarceration, but taking the guys wheelbarrow. That's cruel and unusally punishment. How else is he supposed to cart all the bullshit you're laying on him? Oh, and what the fuck is fly-tipping and why is it illegal?

Dumping "anything" on to the beach from a private garden constituted flytipping, he said, and was a contravention of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act. "It is a case of where do you draw the line."

It's fucking sand. I mean, how can...what can't be...oh forget it.


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