Thursday, March 29, 2007

Britons Worry Over Captive Sailors

It's not only Britons that are worried.

A boy's question cut to the chase. "My family lives in Iran and I'm worried that you might invade my home country," the 10-year-old told Prime Minister Tony Blair's likely successor.

Don't worry little guy, if you are hit with a missile, it'll be quick and painless. Providing of course it's a direct hit. If not,'s some candy.

The reply was that Britain was seeking a diplomatic solution - for now.

So, how long exactly is Britain planning to keep the diplomatic facade up before I can expect all hell to break loose?

As the crisis over Iran's capture of 15 sailors deepens, Britain faces fresh criticism at home over its military presence in the Persian Gulf and anger over failed efforts to free the crew. Few fear an invasion like that in Iraq, but many worry any military operation _ however small _ could end in bloodshed and upset plans for a British troop withdrawal from the region.

Funny how, no matter the situation, it's always the democracies fault. Iran kidnapped your soldiers. They just took them like they owned them. There's a big war coming, it's be coming for decades. We better just prepare ourselves for it. The middle east wants it, they've been trying to instigate it for years. How can you not see that?

Britain has been pummeled by fierce protests since it became America's strongest ally in the war in Iraq, sentiment that has weakened Blair's government and caused his Labour Party to lose a significant number of parliament seats in 2005 elections.

Yes, we know Iraq was a bad move, we know it here in the US as well as you do. And I can image how outrageous it must be considering you weren't the ones attacked on 9/11. But there is a bigger picture here. Bigger than Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran. It's a conflict of ideas, beliefs and religion. And it's going to hit the fan, whether we're in the middle east or not. They aren't peaceful people over there. They won't just go away if we ignore them.

Most Britons have rallied behind the captured crew _ some even want the government to attempt a rescue _ but others say they can't stomach the possibility of another Middle East conflict.

Aww...your tummy hurt? Life too much for you. Get a helmet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess it's time for what the free world always wanted...their oil and another war...hells coming!

March 30, 2007 6:23 AM  

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