Monday, April 02, 2007

Iran rules out trial for British sailors

That's nice. All I'm wondering is where the fucking international outrage is that would be resounding the planet if roles were reversed in this situation. Why are the stronger countries supposed to take the moral high-ground as the less developed countries get away with whatever they want. If Britain had taken 15 Iranian sailors, the world would cry foul. Where's the fucking backlash here?

Ali Larijani, Iran’s top security official, said on Monday Tehran wanted a speedy diplomatic solution to its dispute with Britain and had no wish to put the 15 British naval personnel it has captured on trial.

You keep poking the lion with a stick and it's going to bite you. Iran's running out of stick and I think they know that.

After a day in which the two sides appeared to make more progress than at any time since the dispute began 11 days before, the UK said it shared Mr Larijani’s desire to begin talks soon.

Talky, talky, that don't work with crazy regimes. They understand when you bomb them though. The mistake that we made in Iraq was the occupation, not the war. Lets not go in, let's stay home, with our feet up and start making holes.


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