Friday, December 08, 2006

Tornado families wait to see if they can return home

They're still waiting for their houses to land.

Hundreds of people who were left homeless after a tornado tore through their street in north-west London causing millions of pounds worth of damage were today waiting to see when they could return home.

I didn't know they had tornados in London. Hey, do those people live in trailer parks too cause here in the US tornados seem to absolutely HATE trailer parks.

Surveyors began arriving in Kensal Green at 7.30am to look at around 150 houses that had had their chimneys pulled down, roofs ripped off and windows smashed by flying debris.

Santa's using the front door this year.

Inspector Neil Anderson, from nearby Wembley police station, said assessing the damage to the properties would continue today, adding: "The most badly damaged roads are Crediton Road and Whitmore Gardens.

They can now be found on West End Street and Rose Blvd.

"Public safety is the main concern at the moment."

Tornados are known to return to the scene of the crime.

The council allowed residents back inside their homes today, except those whose properties were the most severely damaged, to collect vital possessions.

"I've got a doorknob, two table legs and a piece of the couch."

A strategy meeting, attended by police, the local authority, residents’ groups and other interested parties, was held today to plan the next move in the clean-up operation.

"You men go right, you men go left. I'll go to Home Depot and get more garbage bags."


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