Friday, December 08, 2006

The Return of Damnit! Earth

Yes, it was a long holiday but well worth it. To go into a little more depth yours truly drove across the United States, from New Jersey to Florida and then from Florida to California using the southern US border and then back across the northern US border. Along the way I saw things like The Alamo, the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, Devils Tower in Wyoming, Deadwood South Dakota where Wild Bill Hickock was shot dead. I explored the Meteorite Crater of New Mexico, the Redwood forests of California, the Badlands of South Dakota. I walked the streets of Savannah, Mobile, New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio, Sante Fe, San Francisco, Reno (where I hit a lucky $1 slot machine and won $300) and Salt Lake City. I even went riding on the roller coasters of Disneyworld. And I'm happy to report that people are just as crazy pretty much everywhere. Next year I'll be off to Europe and hope to find the same results.

So in my absence, lots has happened. Time to jump back into the crazy pool, head first. Make way all.


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