Friday, December 08, 2006

Russia Opens Murder Probe in Litvinenko's Death

At first I thought this was an elaborate publicity stunt for the new Bond film Casino Royale. Apparently though, this international spy stuff isn't just for the movies. It really happens. I can feel the line between reality and fantasy blurring already.

Russian police have opened a criminal investigation into the poisoning death in London of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko.

Took long enough. You'd think they'd be looking into this a little earlier. But better late than never. I have a funny feeling though that they won't find out much. You see, using a radioactive poison to kill a former spy isn't the kind of thing street criminals use to get your wallet. Someone important wanted this guy dead and if you have the money to access polonium-210 you probably have the money and the power to make sure no one finds out it was you.

Prosecutors in Moscow say they are also expanding their probe to include what they say may be an attempt to kill Russian businessman Dmitri Kovtun. They say Kovtun met Litvinenko on the same day that the former Russian spy became seriously ill.

Oddly enough, the restaurant that Litvinenko dined at the day of his poisoning has taken the "Polonium-tini" off the drink menu.

Russian media Thursday reported that Kovtun was in critical condition, reports denied by his lawyer, who described his health as satisfactory.

He glows in the dark now though.

British authorities say seven staff members at a London hotel Litvinenko visited on November 1, the day he became ill, have tested positive for low levels of radiation poisoning.

Damn cell phones.


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