Friday, December 08, 2006

Deputy Dresses As Elf To Catch Speeders

So I guess I can't go dashing through the snow now huh.

In Orange County, the problem isn't dashing through the snow. It's cars darting down the street at high speeds. So the Orange County Sheriff's Office is doing something about it, launching Operation ELF: Enforcing Limits and Fining speeders.

Great, now I have to explain to my daughter why Santa's elves tackled that man to the ground, beat him, cuffed him and threw him into the back of a squad car.
"No, no, honey, that man was on the really, really naughty list."

Here's how it works: a sheriff's deputy dressed as an elf clocks cars using a radar gun then dispatches a motorcycle deputy to pull them over and issue the driver a ticket.

Okay everybody, slow down if you see an elf. Thanks for the heads up media.

Some people said using a holiday icon to enforce the law didn't seem right.

This may effect the public's view on the "Santa's undercover prostitution sting" operation.

"That's specifically why we didn't use Santa Claus," Ken Wyne of the Orange County Sheriff's Office said. "We didn't choose a nativity scene. We chose an elf. An elf is known for their impish behavior. If you're going to speed in Orange County, you never know who's going to be on the street corner."

This is why it's important that police officers have some sort of college education.


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