Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Israel will allow aid into Lebanon

That's so kind of you to let them live. Well, some of them at least.

Israel will allow the opening of safe passages in Lebanon for the transport of humanitarian aid to all areas of the country, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday.

Wait, no brownie points for you. That's what you should be doing. You shouldn't bomb people and then not allow them to get aid for their troubles. That's called being a bastard. Thanks for not being a total bastard Israel. Sure, pounding the shit out of Lebanon isn't really a NICE thing to do, but hey, they did kidnap two soldiers. That calls for the complete destruction of the entire country.

A team of Israeli military officials will meet with international military experts to outline the pathways, Olmert told Rice, according to his office.

Why not just catapult the humanitarian aid in? That way maybe you can kill some more people in the process.
I don't disagree with Israel's actions against Hezbollah, it's just in my experience Israel has the tendency to go a wee-bit overboard in their reactions. Like when a Palestinian woman stabs an Israeli on the border and the Israelis fire missiles into nine or ten moving vehicles on the road killing all occupants and numerous bystanders. Or a Palestinian suicide bomber blows up a falafel stand and Israel bulldozes peoples homes and blows up a few buildings. It happened.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't let them starve to death ... let us bomb the hell out of you first...then if you live, we could starve you

July 26, 2006 11:16 AM  
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