Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Sign of Hope 6/4/06

Kidnapped oil workers are freed

From Guardian:

Six Britons kidnapped while working on an oil rig operating off Nigeria have been freed.

The men were taken hostage along with an American and a Canadian in the early hours of Thursday.

The workers had been on board the drilling rig Bulford Dolphin, which is operated by a Scottish firm, when it was attacked at around 5am. Their rig was about 40 miles off the Nigerian coast.

The Bulford Dolphin operates for the Nigerian oil company Peak Petroleum and Aberdeen-based Dolphin Drilling operates the rig.

Sheena Wallace of Dolphin Drilling confirmed the group had been freed.

She said: "All eight of the men are now together at the Yenagoa State Assembly Building in Bayelsa State. Government resources in Nigeria were actively involved in completing final arrangements for the men's release.

"Six of the men are employees of Dolphin Drilling Personnel Pte Limited (DDPPL), a Singapore-registered company and two are contracted to the client organisation.

"Relatives of the men are being contacted, and arrangements are being made to return the men to their homes following medical assessment and attending to their welfare needs."

The Foreign Office said it was aware the kidnapped men had been freed.


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