Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Europe 'aided US in CIA flights'

That's a big co-pilot seat.

Fourteen European states colluded with the CIA in secret U.S. flights for terror suspects, a report for Europe's human rights watchdog concludes.

Cause the real problem with the world is where and how the US CIA is moving the world's most feared terrorists. Show me one person who isn' trying to blow something up or thinks that blowing up anything is a bad thing that is really truly concerned that Khalid Shiekh Mohammed is being treated nicely and I'll show you someone who has a hard time gripping reality. Personally, I'm happy knowing there's a possibility that someone is shoving red hot fireplace pokers up this guys ass in a dungeon somewhere European suburb.

The document by Swiss senator Dick Marty follows a seven-month inquiry.

He's just upset his name is Dick Marty.

The report says there is also evidence to back suspicions secret CIA camps are or were located in Poland and Romania - allegations both countries deny.

But those are summer camps for underprivileged terrorist masterminds where al-Qaida operatives can learn the fundamentals of existing on a planet with people and not trying to kill them. You know, archery, hiking and electro-shock. Fun stuff.

The U.S. admits to picking up terrorism suspects but denies sending them to Arab nations to face torture.

Right...they do it in Poland and Romania. Is this really something we should really be giving a shit about at this point?


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