Thursday, May 25, 2006

Belarus to ban Canadian, US flights from airspace

Oh damn...and I always wanted to go to Belarus to die from boredom.

Weeks after Ottawa refused to let a plane from Belarus stop for refuelling, the former Soviet state plans to ban Canadian and U.S. flights over its territory.

Last time I checked Ottawa wasn't in America. So why can't we fly there? I love living during a period on earth when it's just popular to punish the US for any ol' reason. Oh well, guess our planes will have to go around. Minor inconvenience.

On April 20, a plane carrying Belarusian Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky was on its way to Cuba for an official visit when both Canada and the United States refused to let it land and refuel.

Oh okay, I'm wrong. America did do naughty. Fair play. Wonder why we wouldn't give the Belarus official fuel so he could go to Cuba.

Ottawa refused to let the plane land on April 20 because of concerns about "the current regime's commitment to democratization and human rights," a foreign affairs spokeswoman, Pamela Greenwell, said at the time.

So you can't take our fuel cause you treat your people bad. If that was the case we'd only allow incoming flights from Europe. Why don't we all just stay put until we learn to act like rational, thinking human beings?


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