Thursday, May 25, 2006

'Alien message' sparks tsunami panic

A website warning of a tsunami has spread panic in Morocco, despite the government's assertion that the alert was merely rumour - and the dubious nature of its source.

What are you people doing over there?

The Ufological Research Centre said on its website last week that a tsunami could hit the Atlantic after a comet passes close to earth on Thursday, May 25.

Ufological? That's not a word. When did the world become an X-Files episode?

Eric Julien, author of La Science Des Extraterrestres (Science of Aliens), claimed that the impact of a comet fragment would trigger powerful volcanoes in the Atlantic and generate a giant tsunami that would be destructive across the coasts of several countries, including Morocco.

La Science Des Estraterrestres - Translation: Craziness.

Julien, who claimed to have received the information psychically, said that waves up to 200 metres high will reach coastlines of countries bordering the Atlantic.

Oh, so it's credible. Let me guess...people panicked didn't they?

The alert caused fear and panic among Moroccan citizens, though the Moroccan meteorological office dismissed it on Monday as insignificant.

Oh man...this makes me sad.


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thats just BULLSHIT!

May 26, 2006 5:57 PM  

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