Friday, April 07, 2006

Hamas: Ready for '2-State' Solution

Sounds like good news, where's the bad part?

The Islamic militant group Hamas is ready for a "two-state" solution with Israel, a senior official said Friday, a position that would imply recognition of the Jewish state for the first time.

There's got to be something bad in here somewhere. I can't believe that Hamas would just all of a sudden want a peaceful solution.

Hamas is under heavy international pressure to renounce violence and recognize Israel. The official said Hamas is prepared to soften its position because of the pressure, which has left the Palestinian government broke, and to enable Abbas to pursue his goal of restarting peace talks with Israel.

Ah, you're broke. Being broke is a wonderful incentive to change your views. Money, the root of all evil, it's more powerful than Jesus in our country so one can only assume it can defeat Allah in the middle east as well.


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