Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ex-Pilots Credit Plane Design for Survival

Planes don't survive, the pilots, crew and passengers who ride it fifty feet into the gravel do. Hopefully.

All 17 people aboard a C-5 cargo plane survived a crash that shattered the aircraft into pieces, which some former pilots credited with the sheer size and design of the craft.

Well there goes the "bigger they are, harder they fall" theory. You think that the size of the aircraft would make it less likely for people to survive considering the increased amount of shrapnel that would slice through the air like little happy blades of comfort. If it were true, train derailments would be the equvilant of a travel orgasm.

The plane, laden with supplies for U.S. troops fighting in Iraq, belly-landed 21 minutes after takeoff Monday from Dover Air Force Base. It plowed into an open, grassy area about a half-mile short of the runway but did not explode or catch fire.

I'm guessing it wasn't supposed to do that. And since when did we start giving out brownie points for things that carry living beings not catchy fire or fucking blowing up. They're not supposed to do that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mad man, this is what the Air Force called a "hard" landing. looks like a crush to me

April 05, 2006 4:58 AM  

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