Sunday, April 02, 2006

Carroll Back Home, Says She Feels 'Alive'

Well, if anyone should feel alive, it's you.

Jill Carroll, the U.S. journalist held hostage for 82 days in Iraq, returned to the United States on Sunday aboard a commercial flight to Boston, saying "I finally feel like I am alive again."

Welcome back home. Maybe we'll be thinking twice next time we decide to visit a warzone notorious for kidnappings, beheadings and random violence in the street. That's why I stay clear of Detroit.

On her flight, Carroll was touched to find a red rose on her dinner tray, the Monitor reported. Later, a flight steward dropped off a copy of Friday's USA Today in which she saw her own face framed by a black head scarf. It was a photo of a giant poster erected by supporters in Rome.

And a little note on a post-it reading "Keep your ass home please".

She was tickled to see pictures of her family and kissed the photo of her father, Jim Carroll.

Tickled? Well, at least Miss Carroll gets a happy ending.


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