Friday, March 31, 2006

China Says Filmmaker 'Committed a Crime'

Sounds like China has their own Hollywood. Better get used to it China, there isn't one person making movies in America that hasn't broken the law.

Authorities say they are holding a Chinese filmmaker because he committed a crime, but they refuse to give any details or allow visitors, his sister said Thursday.

The Chinese are so secretive. It's like they have a club with a secret password but they've forgotten it so they trust no one.

Wu Hao, a Beijing-based documentary filmmaker, has been in police custody in the capital since Feb. 22. His sister, Wu Na, has demanded his release and an explanation for his detention, but police have said his case is "secret."

That "secret" shit is only funny when someone's not wasting away in a jail cell...okay, that's a little funny to me but most people are bothered by it.

Wu Hao lived in Boston, New York and California for 12 years before returning to China in 2004 to make documentaries. He had been working on a film about unregistered Christian churches in China before he went missing.

Bright Side: he is no longer missing.


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