Friday, March 31, 2006

Iran quakes kill 50

Looks like someone is pissing off Allah again.

At least 50 people are believed dead and another 850 injured after three strong earthquakes hit western Iran overnight.

I'm left to wonder if America has a super-secret earthquake making machine. That's be cool. But not really.
*Disclaimer: I have no knowledge of any super-secret earthquake machine being in possession or in production here in the US. If by some chance I'm right, please don't kill me.

The string of quakes and 12 aftershocks had damaged or destroyed up to 330 villages, reports said.

String of quakes = angry God. Come on Muslims, just once I want to hear you say the same thing about Iran that you said when New Orleans became a raging swimming pool. COME ON!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mad Man, This one is great...gotta love the super secret earthquake stuff, had me LOL for about 10 minutes and not to mention it's Iran again( i would not sleep in a building in that country)...some higher spirit is Oh so pissed at could be the US and super secret stuff.

March 31, 2006 7:37 AM  

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