Tuesday, April 04, 2006

9/11 terrorist can be executed

Let's shoot him out of a cannon into a pool of starving sharks. You know, for the good of the nation.

Zacarias Moussaoui is facing the death penalty after a jury found that his lies to FBI agents had resulted in people being killed on 9/11.

Must be tough having an entire country looking to take all its anger over the worst terror attack in its history. Every family member who lost a love one in the attack, every New Yorker or Washington DC-ian-in, every patriotic American soul that enjoys country music and would wear the American flag as clothing if they weren't afraid they would drink too much and wet it wants to see this Moussaoui guy go the way of the mammoth. Now we may get the chance. I hear pay-per view event.

The jury reached a unanimous verdict that Moussaoui, the only al-Qaeda plotter ever to face trial for the attacks on the US, should be eligible for execution.

Must have been a tough decision, recommending the death penalty to a man who not only admitted to being involved, but boasts he was to slam a 5th plane into the White House. I'd have a tougher time deciding whether to slice my penis in half for ten bucks or not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe we could execute him along with Paris Hilton and the Iranian guy and that man on trial in Iraq

April 05, 2006 5:08 AM  

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