Monday, March 06, 2006

Musharraf says Karzai 'oblivious'

Oh Damn! He took it there Karzai. He all said you was stupid and couldn't see and shit. You gonna let him get away with that?

Gen Musharraf said that information about the Taliban that Mr Karzai handed him last month was "old and outdated".

Damn! He said you was old and didn't know nothing bout the Taliban and shit. You can't let him get away with that Karzai, he's talking shit like crazy baby.

Gen Musharraf said the Afghan intelligence about the fugitive Afghan leader's location was "nonsense.

Damn Karzaim, he said you don't make no sense and that you're very ugly and that your wife shows WAY too much ankle skin. Damn! Meet him in the parking lot Karzai, stand up for yourself, say something. Musharraf is making you look stupid.

Gen Musharraf said he was "totally disappointed" with Afghan intelligence.

OH SHIT! He said you disappoint him like a little kid who was told that big boys don't wet the bed but you went and drank a big ass glass of water before storytime and had a dream about a waterfall and you woke up wetter than a whore at a bachelor party.

There was no immediate comment on Gen Musharraf's comments from President Karzai. blew it Karzai.

In all fairness though Musharraf. You did say that there were no more Islamic militants in Pakistan a few times in recent weeks. That leads me to wonder who the Islamic militants you've been shooting at the last four days are.
DAMN! I went there.


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