Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Winds of fortune blowing for Hamas

I have a feeling those 'winds of fortune' are soon to be replaced with the 'sonic boom of missile strikes'.

With every chance to attract voters in the past year, the Islamic militant group Hamas has made its mark. Now, thanks to growing disarray in Fatah, the ruling Palestinian party, Hamas is poised to make a strong showing in crucial parliamentary elections next month in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

There is something to be said about a region of people willing to elect members of a terrorist organization to their ruling government. What that is to be said I'm not sure but I'm sure Israel will be saying it via large explosions and perhaps ground assaults.

I've lost touch with the Israel / Palestine conflict. In fact, I'm not even all that sure who's in the right and who's the terrorists. Palestinians suicide bomb a falafel stand (this happened a few months back, not making it up) and Israel responds by firing a air to surface missile up the tailpipe of a Ford making its way through Gaza. Then the Palestinians fire some homemade rockets from an empty field, most of which land harmlessly in unpopulated areas and Israel then responds by blowing up two or three buildings and driving a bulldozer through the living room of a Palestinian household.
I'll tell you this, if every time I punched a guy he destroyed my house, I would stop punching him.

But Palestinians are a people of pride and sacrifice. They are very proud to sacrifice themselves in a ball of fire. I find that odd. Personally, if someone stole my land , as they claim Israel did, I wouldn't blow myself up about it. That's counterproductive. I wouldn't bomb them either, cause in all honesty, I would be bombing the land I'm trying to get back. No, I think I would try every possible non-violent way to get my land back and when that didn't work, I would have sex with his wife.

The political gains by Hamas have unsettled Israeli and American officials and created a dilemma for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who has committed himself to holding parliamentary elections but is under pressure from some within Fatah to postpone the vote so the party can regroup.

I find it quite unsettling too. But I'm left to wonder, why is America on Israel's side on this? Why are we on any side of this? I can't help but think our views might be distorted being that there are quite a lot of powerful Jewish men and women in America that have political influence and not many Palestinians.
I'm playing devils advocate, something I think this country would do well for itself to do more often. What if the Palestinians are right? What if Israel is the terrorists? What if the land Israel now occupies is rightfully Palestinian land? I ask myself these questions because, well, because I don't know the truth of this conflict. I only know what I read and see on the news. And it always seems to paint the Palestinians as the terrorist pyschos, even when Israeli soldiers shoot a 13 year old for throwing rocks (happened).

Having an honest and balanced opinion about this conflict is pretty much an impossibility. Your beliefs sway your outlook. A Jewish person will not side against their homeland and Muslims will not side against Palestinians, most the time. But lets take religion out of the equation and take another look.
The people of two countries, bombing the shit out of each other, over land that no one can possibly own. If history has taught us anything, it's that land changes hands constantly, that civilizations rise and fall like the tide, and that eventually, one day, the sun will supernova and swallow the earth. And on that day, maybe there will peace in the Middle East.

Until then...bombs away. You're all fucking crazy.


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