Friday, December 23, 2005

Law curbing sales of violent video games is blocked

News flash parents, violent video games and movies don't make sane children shoot up schools. Bad parenting, access to armories in Dad's gun closet, and ignorant school systems make children shoot up schools. And you can throw in some insanity somewhere in that too.

A law that would have forbidden California retailers from renting or selling violent video games to minors starting Jan. 1 has been blocked from taking effect by a federal judge.

Hey, isn't your governor a man who made his fortune starring in violent movies? Didn't he hack James Earl Jones's head off with a broad sword once?

The new law would have required game publishers to put large ``18'' labels on especially violent games, identifying which ones could not be sold or rented to minors.

They'll just get their parents to buy them for em. Listen, R-rated movies, violent adult video games, porno, cigarettes, booze, all the fun things in life are easily accesible to the young. Hell, I had all of the above by 14. Luckily I turned out just fine.
Seriously though, you know what the real answer is here. PARENTING. Mom, Dad, get your asses off the fucking couch, put down the "How to be a better parent" book written by Dr. Phil and get involved in your kids life.
Don't want a violent, drug addicted child? Don't let the violent video games and movies raise them. Get them outside, take them places, talk to them, beat them if they deserve it.

This is the way I see it. Children under 16 have not earned the rights of a human being just yet. They are still developing. If they were an elephant, they'd still be in the womb. Humans have a very short gestation period and when the child is born, they are still, well, undeveloped both mentally and physically. It takes years for them to reach maturity (some actually never do). All this time you are there to guide them along. (that's where the word Guardian comes from).
You see, we don't eat our young (well most of us don't), we raise our young so that they can grow up to be one of the ignorant, mindless drones society has been producing.

Be a parent. Pay attention. Do something for someone else you selfish pricks. You've lived your life. Time for you yuppie fuckers to do something for others and not raise a pain in the ass or a psycho I'll have to pay taxes to keep behind bars.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

now I know why you make sense! you're a pretty well-rounded guy and this is what fair and balance really means.

December 23, 2005 11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this argument is too old now. Let get to the real problem and move on.

December 23, 2005 11:58 AM  

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