Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Family Survives 3 Days in Snow

Dead of winter might not be the best time for that family-fun hiking trip.

A father and three children who vanished on a Christmas tree-cutting trip in the Northern California mountains were found alive Wednesday after huddling in a culvert for warmth during three days of heavy snow.

You know they sell Christmas trees now? You don't have to go into the mountains to get them anymore. Twenty to thirty bucks gets you a nice pine, someone to help strap it to the car and you get the peace of mind knowing you're running a very small risk of having your fingers and toes turn black and fall off.

"I'm just amazed how well they did," Lisa Sams said after seeing her children and ex-husband for the first time since they were rescued.

And you know she worked in "this is why I divorced him in the first place." somewhere into that conversation.

A California Highway Patrol helicopter crew spotted Frederick Dominguez atop a small bridge and landed nearby, sinking into 2 feet of snow, flight officer David White said. The family had taken shelter in a culvert beneath the bridge and stomped "help" in the snow, White said.

Just below help someone stomped "Our Dad's a moron".


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