Friday, December 14, 2007

Russia blames Britain for tense ties

Perhaps ties are tense because of the finger-pointing?

Russia's foreign minister charged Friday that Britain had been deliberately worsening relations between the two countries, prompting Moscow to shut the regional offices of a major British non-governmental organization.

A friend of a friend of mine told me that his cousin's step-brother's girlfriend heard Britain say that Russia was a poopiehead.

The British Council, which acts as the cultural arm of the British Embassy, was ordered this week to close its branches in the cities of Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg by Jan. 1.

Everything in the world is the fault of western culture. Always. Forever.

Russia alleges that the British Council was a for-profit operation, and said its regional offices violated an international convention on consular affairs.

We need one really, really big war. Seriously. Just one. Wipe out about 80% of the population and we can try this again.


Blogger f.b.i.t.c. said...

'Russia is a poopiehead, russia is a poopiehead'.

There, I admit it, we DID say it . . . . .

December 17, 2007 6:06 AM  

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