Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Italy mob boss swallowed secrets before dying

Oddly enough, he choked to death.

A top Mafia boss swallowed secret notes with names and telephone numbers just before he was shot dead by police this week, officials said on Wednesday.

Now that's a last meal.

Daniele Emanuello, boss of a Mafia family in the city of Gela who was one of Italy's 30-most wanted men, was shot on Monday as he tried to flee a police raid on a farmhouse in central Sicily where he had been hiding.

Sure it's interesting that this man honored his "mafia code" enough to spend the last seconds of his life choking notebook paper down his throat but my question is, why in the fuck do you have the names and phone numbers of other criminals written down? If you're in hiding, the last thing you need to do is call let alone visit other known criminals. And didn't you have a lighter or something? Light the paper on fire for fuck sake.

An autopsy showed fragments of the notes still lodged in Emanuello's esophagus, the officials told reporters. It was not immediately clear whether the fragments were of any use to investigators, however.

Doesn't really matter, they did what they came to do.


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