Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday Sign of Hope September 2nd 2007

Freed Koreans arrive home to tearful welcome

From Online Edition:

South Korean Christians who endured six weeks as hostages of the Taliban in Afghanistan spent their first day at home yesterday, reuniting with loved ones, getting medical checks and praying together.

The 19 former hostages, let go in stages last week under a deal between Taliban insurgents and the South Korean government, arrived early in the day on an overnight flight from Dubai.

Looking exhausted and confused, they bowed before TV cameras in a brief appearance at the airport before being whisked away to a hospital in Anyang, just south of Seoul, where they were expected to spend at least a couple of weeks.

Upon meeting loved ones, the former hostages and their families broke into tears, exchanging hugs and caresses. Sometimes pained expressions, however, gradually gave way to smiles.

"I still can't believe my wife really came back home alive," said Rhu Haeng-sik, husband of Kim Yoon-young. He said their two children were "really happy to be embraced by their mother."


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