Friday, August 24, 2007

Campers Tie Alleged Peeping Tom to Tree

The tree is suing for sexual harassment.

A group of campers tied a peeping Tom suspect to a tree, keeping him bound until police arrived.

Should have just left him there. I just don't understand why people go through the trouble of stalking through bushes, waiting outside bedroom windows in the middle of the night or setting up cameras in their shoes when we all have the internet.

Richard H. Berkey, 63, was charged with private indecency, a misdemeanor, by sheriff's deputies who were called to the Big Fan Campground near Bagby Hot Springs last weekend, according to Clackamas County Detective Jim Strovink.

A peeping tom named Dick. Oh the irony.

Campers told deputies they recognized Berkey from a similar incident at the campground last year and wanted to make sure he didn't get away.

They would have shot him but it's not Peeping Tom season.


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