Monday, August 27, 2007

France's Sarkozy raises prospect of Iran airstrikes

Wow, France is getting pissed off? I never thought I'd see that.

In his first major foreign policy speech, French president Nicolas Sarkozysays diplomatic push by world's powers to rein in Tehran's nuclear program is only alternative to 'Iranian bomb or bombing of Iran'.

Tough talk by the French. Sweet.

In his first major foreign policy speech, Sarkozy emphasized his existing foreign policy priorities, such as opposing Turkish membership of the European Union and pushing for a new Mediterranean Union that he hopes will include Ankara.

I wonder what a war involving the French would look like? Seriously, I'm interested. I wonder if they're like fucking completely barbaric on the battlefield and that's why they try to keep out of these conflicts. Kind of like the Hulk. You don't want to get the French angry, you won't like them when they're angry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the french usually wait until the troops are piling up at their borders before they take any action.

they just can't deal with conflict

August 28, 2007 6:54 AM  

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