Thursday, September 27, 2007

South Carolina Fire Department catches fire

I wonder if they still run the siren on the firetruck for that.

A fire station caught on fire Tuesday night. It happened in the small town of Bishopville. The fast response of Lee County firefighters and emergency workers helped avoid a total loss.

I would imagine the firefighters response time was pretty fast considering the fire was in the next room.

Lt. Brian Eargle says, "It's obvious no one is safe from fire. It can happen to anyone at anytime. Fire - it doesn't care who it picks."

Like Eddie Murphay.

"We had some plaques here on the wall ... station of the year."

But they were destroyed in the fire. Ironic.

"Soon as I opened the door it was this high solid black smoke," says Lt. Eargle. "I went out the back door and got the trucks out as quick as I can."

He then drove them back in a fought the fire.

As for the cause, he says, "Right now - at this time we're think it was an electrical outlet."

Sure, come on, you were playing with matches and you know it.


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