Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Woman Dies On E.R. Floor as Dispatchers Refuse to Send Help

So many questions. Firstly, why are people calling 911 if the lady is already in the hospital? Isn't that where they take you when you call 911? Secondly, why is she on the floor in the E.R.? If she's that bad off, why isn't she in a bed with a bunch of doctors and nurses standing over her instead of Walt the janitor complaining cause he just cleaned the floor? So...who dropped the ball on this one?

In a death that has been officially ruled as accidental by the Los Angeles coroner’s office, Edith Isabel Rodriguez died on an emergency room floor in an inner-city hospital. On May 9th Rodriguez, 43, lay bleeding of a perforated bowel at Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital as 911 dispatchers repeatedly refused to call paramedics or an ambulance for the woman in order for her to be taken to another hospital. Tapes of the 911 calls reveal the dispatchers doing little to help the dying woman.

So what were the doctors in the hospital she was currently occuplying doing?

Rodriguez’s death is being investigated, and relatives of the woman are stating that she died when L.A. police who had been asked for help arrested her instead (on a parole violation). The investigation is being carried out by county and state authorities.

What? I can't help but feel like I'm not getting the FULL story here.

Jose Prado, Rodriguez’s boyfriend, made a call to 911 dispatchers requesting aid for his dying girlfriend. The female dispatcher on the other end told him an ambulance would not be sent because Rodriguez was already in a hospital.

Seems to make sense. Where is the ambulance supposed to take her at that point, for a ride in the parking lot? I'm more interested in why she was on the floor if her condition was that severe and not in the E.R. being worked on. Let me rephrase that, why was she not IN A BED in the E.R. being worked on?

A second call minutes later was placed by a bystander who asked for an ambulance for the woman as well. Again, the request was refused, and an argument between the male dispatcher and the female bystander ensued.

Well the last thing I want to call 911 for is an argument. What the fuck happened here?

The breakdown in patient care is not the first for King-Harbor, which is under investigation for the problem. Last week, inspectors found that patients in the hospital’s E.R. were in “immediate jeopardy” of harm or death. King-Harbor Hospital was issued a 23-day period to fix the problem or jeopardize their federal funding.

Looks like I have another name to add to the list of hospitals not to send me to. Someone better lose their license, their funding, their job and, I don't know, lets say a left foot for this.


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