Saturday, June 09, 2007

For One Visit, Bush Will Feel Pro-US Glow

Someone likes us? Really?

The highlight of President Bush’s European tour may well be his visit on Sunday to Albania, one of the few places left where he can bask in unabashed pro-American sentiment without a protester in sight.

Albania? Man, why couldn't it be somewhere worth visiting?

Americans here are greeted with a refreshing adoration that feels as though it comes from another time.

Really? What time was that and how far did I miss it by?

“Albania is for sure the most pro-American country in Europe, maybe even in the world,” said Edi Rama, Tirana’s mayor and leader of the opposition Socialists. “Nowhere else can you find such respect and hospitality for the president of the United States. Even in Michigan, he wouldn’t be as welcome.”

Well, no one's really welcome in Michigan. For all you non-Americans out there, we here in the US hate Michigan. We just let it tag along cause we like the lake. Sometimes when we're too tired to move we send Michigan out on a food run and then make fun of it while it's gone.

Thousands of young Albanians have been named Bill or Hillary thanks to the Clinton administration’s role in rescuing ethnic Albanians from the Kosovo war. After the visit on Sunday, some people expect to see a rash of babies named George.

So Albania's like a country full of a spooky stalker-like society. Interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush might want to think about staying in Europe! the people there actually like him but then again, he has'nt fucked up their lives, like he's done here.

June 12, 2007 1:45 PM  

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