Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sunday Sign of Hope April 8th 2007

Pope Calls For Peace In Easter Message

Even though I am not the religious type, you can't fault world peace. From Newswire:

Pope Benedict has used his traditional Easter message to call on Christians to work for peace in what he said was a world afflicted by a thousand faces of violence.

Speaking to a huge crowd at St Peter's Square in Rome, the Pope criticised those who use religion to justify violence, human rights abuses and exploitation.

In the address that was shown live on television, he said "nothing positive comes from Iraq" as the country is "being torn apart by continual slaughter," but noted some signs of hope from the Middle East because of talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The Pope said he also looked with apprehension at conditions prevailing in several parts of Africa, including the "catastrophic" humanitarian disaster in Darfur, violence and looting in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the "grievous crisis" in Zimbabwe.

Earlier the pontiff led Easter Sunday Mass before tens of thousands of pilgrims gathered in the square.

After giving his Easter blessing, the Pope, dressed in gold vestments, greeted pilgrims in more than 60 different languages.


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