Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Sign of Hope December 17th 2006

Woman wins seat in first-ever UAE election

From ZeeNews:

A woman was elected to an Advisory Council in the United Arab Emirates on Saturday in the first national polls in the Gulf country, in which only a tiny part of the population is taking part.

"This is an honour I will carry... All my life. It is proof that the Emirati people are (politically) aware," Amal Abdullah al-Kubaissi told a news agency after winning one of four seats up for grabs in oil-rich Abu Dhabi.

Kubaissi, a British-educated architect in her mid-30s who teaches at Emirates University, came third with 265 votes, according to official results.

She said her victory showed that "women's participation (in public life) is very important."

Three-stage elections to fill half the 40 seats of the Federal National Council (FNC) began in Abu Dhabi and the smaller emirate of Fujairah, making the UAE the last Gulf Arab monarchy to hold a national poll.


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